#iPadOnly. A fun Experiment. A change of Paradigm.

**This may or may not be on my next book, that I am co-writing with Michael Sliwinski, where we are talking about be #iPadOnly. It was wrote for the first draft of the book, but as anything on a first draft, it may or it may not reach the final release.***

When I got my iPad on April 2010, I never though that it was going to be my main machine soon after that. I was in love with my iPhone and (you may call me Apple FanBoy, but it is more Steve Jobs FanBoy) I was sure that Steve Jobs Vision was going to take us somewhere. I just wasn’t expecting that it was going to be so far.

I have been writing about my experience of my iPad as my main machine for a while as well as my friend Michael Sliwinski. He took the challenge on 2012 and never look back.

We decided to co-write a book on our experiences working with #iPadOnly. We are working hard to release this book before WWDC, and it had been not only super fun to write, but I have discover so much in the process. Some things that I was doing before I begin writing this book I have stop doing, others I had learn in the process of review what I do or interacting with the texts of Michael. I have learned so much on how to work on the iPad that I use everyday that had been really interesting.

It had been an opportunity to see, evaluate, re-test and acquire new assumptions on why and how this idea of #iPadOnly it is really cool. We don’t stop long enough to evaluate in detail or tools, our structure, our environment.

I have always been fascinated to the idea that Michael re-do his office almost every year, but it did not click on me the why until I begin co-writing this book, the reason is that it force you to really see in detail what work and what doesn’t, and more importantly, what stopped working and should be removed.

One more thing:

I will be releasing more stuff (as I know Michael is doing too) but if you have questions, things that we should cover, or mention or you wish to specifically know about this process, please let me know here or by email. I am sure if we can we will not only include it in the book, but you may get some cool credit.


Working on MY iPad: Scanning Documents with Scanner Pro

I remember those days that Scan a document in order to fax it to the approbate person was something so complicated and expensive.

I remember when I got that really cool and super portable NeatScan that fit in by bag and could scan one page at the time.

The first problem, is that my main machine is an iPad. My Backup, an iPhone.

For many, that means you are out of business, for me means install one application to solve that problem. It is a software called Scanner Pro. That it is my go to every time I need to scan a document, it works incredible well in both of my devices and I can email, sent to Evernote (my file cabinet this days), DropBox, or another server, Print even fax from the application.

I have been using this application for my scan needs for many months and honestly I don’t need anything else.

One of the things that I love about working on the iPad (and with the iPhone as a Backup) is that sometimes it feels like I am carrying the biggest Swiss Army knife in the pocket, but somehow, it seems feels like it is the smallest one.