Our kids can teach us more things that we think it is possible. We waste opportunities to simply listen when our kids play and learn about the relationships they had at school, with their friends and their teachers. Many times we can even see many of the mistakes we make as parents when we see them play, because in reality they are copying what they have seen. Many of the things we do as parents we don’t do it in any mean way or with bad intentions, but we simply don’t notice the things we say or do.

i.e. I use to say the equivalent in spanish to the F word a lot until my daughter said it the first time. I grow up on a place that use that word wasn’t the worst thing on the world, but when I notice that she was using them on the those same conditions that I was using them, I decided that it was time to modify my own behavior. Now I said something like “oops” it doesn’t produce the same effect of relieve, but it sound much better when my daughter uses it.